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Addressing the Issues of the Tissues



Providing Stress Management & Pain Management treatments that focus on reducing or eliminating your stress levels including aches & Pains you experience from day to day for better mobility and functionality.

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      Location: 212 W 12th Ave.   Oshkosh Wi.


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                                            For Drug Free Pain Relief from Acute & Chronic Pain try the 

                                   "Wellness Pro Plus"  A Bio-Electrotherapy - Class ll FDA Cleared device.                             

          That Stimulates the sensory nerves and activates specific natural pain relief. 

 Read More... on the Drug free Pain Relief page.

Cost for this service is $1.00 per minute according to protocal


 "Stress Management Massage" (Relaxation) 60 min: $65 

A Stress Management massage Light pressure with slow
gliding strokes and gentle kneading to help you Reduce your Stress .

  Stress Management Package (Relaxation) $120

           60 min Stress Management Massage  Light Pressure

          30 min  Infrared Sauna Session and  Hot Stone Foot Massage


 What is Myofascial Release?
Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves
applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue

      restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion and allows you to return to a pain free lifestyle.

                                                  Myofascial Release (John Barnes)  60 min $80

Myofascial Release (John Barnes) 90 min Session $ 120


  "Pain Management Combination Myofascial / Deep Tissue Massage"   60 Min: $80.00    

       The focus is on releasing the connective tissue before performing deep tissue massage  & muscle manipulation for better mobility   

      to alleviate chronic tension. Therefore with the connective released before Deep Tissue and muscle manipulation

       can be done  with medium to strong pressure But is easier on the client and can help restore mobility with longer lasting effects.


 Pain Management Combination Myofascial /Deep Tissue Package  (Deep Tissue) $140

60 min Pain Management Myofascial / Deep Tissue Massage w/medium to deep pressure

    30 min Infrared Sauna session  Optional (Hot Stone foot therapy)


Prenatal Massage  (Tension Tamer) 60 Min: $80.00
An expecting mother has special needs for her body with all the changes going on every month.

This massage offers extra care to reduce swelling, back pain, joint stress and other lovely surprises a

pregnancy can bring.Monthly Massages can significantly help a woman's journey to motherhood

 more pleasurable and can help her body ease into the many different stages of the baby's life.
A relaxed body helps make delivery easier!

Cold Stone Migraine / Headache  Relief   60 min: $80.00 

This "Non Medicinal" treatment is designed for people who want an
alternative, fast, and dramatic treatment for all kinds of headache without taking drugs. 

Migraine Miracle is designed to kick out any kind of headache quickly and effectively.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage   60 min $80.00 

An extremely relaxing 60 minute treatment with exfoliation on the
back, arms and followed by Lymphatic drainage massage to move
the toxins out of the body to help a stronger immune system. 

Excellent for the "Cold and Flu season!"

Infrared Sauna Session 30 min: $30.00 

Sweat your way to better health and well-being! Sweating and infrared
heat relieves "dis - eases" such as fibromyalgia, skin conditions weight
concerns, sciatica, high blood  Pressure and many more benefits. Sessions includes
color light therapy, soothing music, aromatherapy and complimentary tea or hot
chocolate. Spa wraps are provided, so just come and enjoy the experience!


  We appreciate your business and hope you will consider our services.
 Have a Stress Free Relaxing Day!


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